Williams Kastner’s corporate practice guides clients through the ever-changing legal gauntlet facing businesses today, whether they are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company. Our experienced attorneys advise on corporate structuring, financing options, securities concerns, governance issues, and the procedures of various transactions with other companies, from joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions. With their insight into the relevant law and procedures, their network of contacts, and their dedication to tactically and cost-effectively achieving their clients’ goals, Williams Kastner’s corporate attorneys give businesses an edge, no matter what their size or market.

Our corporate clients rely on our attorneys to lead them through the legal labyrinth of business transactions in a manner that is cost-effective and efficient for their operations as well as in keeping with the highest standards of the law. To accomplish this, we take on the role of trusted advisor to the businesses we represent. We counsel them on the preparation of a company’s various operating documents, including purchase and sale, licensing, human resources, and shareholder’s agreements. In addition, we negotiate for them in the formation of alliances or the defense of their interests in disputes, representing businesses across the whole array of commercial litigation.

Across the diverse set of companies Williams Kastner represents, our attorneys have considerable experience in corporate finance and securities, allowing them to deftly design, negotiate, and implement finance deals in both the public and private sectors. We assist in venture capital financing and in the issuance of debt and equity securities, protecting and advancing the interests of our clients whether we are representing the lender, the borrower, or the guarantor in these agreements. Additionally, we guide companies through SEC regulatory compliance matters, including registrations, filings, public disclosures, and press releases.

Our corporate governance attorneys are knowledgeable in all facets of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its requirements regarding the fiduciary duty and other responsibilities of board members, executives, managers, and audit committees—all of whom can now be held liable if found to be in violation of any of these standards. We help businesses navigate each of the ever-changing regulations descending from the SEC by advising them on how to effectively redesign their policies and practices to safeguard themselves, as well as—if necessary—representing them in litigation.

Williams Kastner’s corporate attorneys are also highly experienced in providing counsel through the process of mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and other related actions. We are equally comfortable representing sellers and purchasers in both taxable and nontaxable exchanges. With the variety and number of institutions our attorneys have advised, the handling of both healthy and distressed situations, and the strong foundation in all the relevant areas of law, we ensure our clients always meet the regulations and avoid the pitfalls present in these kinds of negotiations.