Williams Kastner’s Transportation Emergency Response Team is ready to respond to help clients with any emergency response situations should they arise.

Available 24/7
The Transportation Practice Team has established an Emergency Response Team to provide clients with crisis management assistance for unexpected incidents arising from the transportation of goods or cargo.

Ready to Respond
Emergency Response Team members are ready to respond to accident scenes across the Pacific Northwest on short notice in order to preserve critical evidence, interview witnesses, and communicate with law enforcement and the NTSB when the severity of the accident warrants such action.

Industry Relationship
We have contacted our network of accident reconstruction experts and independent adjusters across the Northwest to determine which ones are available during these unprecedented times, and we have commitments from our team of outside experts to be available for you as well.

Risk Management
Our Emergency Response Team provides clients with 24/7 risk management support and a timely and informed plan of action to minimize the value of any claims and our client’s potential exposure.

Washington's Emergency Response Team

Rodney L. Umberger

Email:                          rumberger@williamskastner.com
Cell:                             206.755.6369
Office:                         206.628.2421

Brendan T. Vandor

Email:                          bvandor@williamskastner.com
Cell:                             206.579.3205
Office:                         206.628.2439

Joshua H. Tinajero

Email:                          jtinajero@williamskastner.com
Cell:                             206.507.3838
Office:                         206.628.5998

Oregon's Emergency Response Team

Heidi L. Mandt

Email:                          hmandt@williamskastner.com
Cell:                             503.704.2197
Office:                         503.944.6973

Bradley P. Hill

Email:                          bhill@williamskastner.com
Cell:                             503.944.6969
Office:                         503.944.6973