The Surety Team at Williams Kastner serves clients throughout the surety industry and has extensive experience in all areas of surety law. Williams Kastner’s surety lawyers have handled complex matters including public and private payment and performance bond claims, commercial and license, permit and miscellaneous bond claims, fidelity claims, and all aspects of subrogation and recovery issues. In addition, the Surety Team represents surety clients in matters relating to coverage, bad faith and extra-contractual claims throughout the United States. The Surety Team regularly presents and publishes on matters relating to the surety industry and is actively involved in Washington and Oregon legislative issues.

Enhancing the representation that it provides, the Surety Team is able to draw on the expertise of attorneys at Williams Kastner to address the entire spectrum of issues that affect the surety industry including bankruptcy, collections, construction, land use, job safety, environmental law, employer/employee relations, lien laws, financing, union and management, insurance coverage, risk management and taxation.

  • Analyzing and responding to default terminations and other performance bond claims
  • Providing advice regarding complex bond claim investigations
  • Addressing project completion scenarios, including tenders, takeovers and financing the bond principal
  • Defense of performance and payment bond claims under the Miller Act and state law, including discharge, exoneration and other surety-specific defenses
  • Defense of extra-contractual claims by claimants, bond principals and indemnitors, including claims brought under the Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act
  • Prosecution of affirmative construction claims to mitigate surety losses
  • Prosecution of indemnity and other salvage actions on behalf of sureties
  • Resolving priority disputes between sureties, banks, trustees and public agencies
  • Defense of claims on license, permit and miscellaneous bonds, including Contractor’s Registration Act bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, federal freight broker bonds, various other statutory license bonds and public official bonds