Leading with Diversity: A Message from Managing Director Nicole R. MacKenzie

“Williams Kastner recognizes that through diversity amongst all levels of our attorneys and staff, we are a more complete, stronger organization that is best equipped to understand and serve our community and our clients at the highest level. While diversity might be achieved on a short-term basis through policies aimed at recruiting, hiring, and promotion, that alone will not sustain diversity long-term. Instead, we must develop and nurture within ourselves as individuals and as an organization an understanding and acceptance of differences between us and create a culture in which people feel welcomed, appreciated, valued, and supported for who they are and their unique perspectives and contributions. Despite the old school yard saying, words can hurt or they can provide strength and comfort. Nevertheless, it is our actions that truly demonstrate the conviction behind our words. As the Managing Director, it is my responsibility to lead by example and to ensure that our actions support our commitment to a richly diverse firm and inclusive culture. I look forward to furthering Williams Kastner’s long-standing efforts to embrace and support a richly diverse and inclusive culture.”