Federal, state and local governmental regulatory oversight impacts a myriad of business activity. Regulators oversee industries such as: energy, telecommunications, water, transportation, agricultural and pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, banking, and waste collection and disposal. Williams Kastner has a team of lawyers who represent clients as they navigate complex regulatory decision-making.

Our attorneys represent regulated industry clients in matters related to regulatory law and litigation, employment, corporate and legislative matters. Our clients include healthcare providers, admitted and surplus lines insurers, financial institutions, solid, biomedical and hazardous waste carriers and disposal companies, motor freight carriers, airporters, commercial ferries, moving and storage companies, couriers, and buses among other public and private transportation providers. We represent clients before various administrative agencies including the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, the Washington Health Care Authority, the Washington Department of Health, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Washington Department of Labor & Industries, the Washington Department of Revenue and the U.S. Department of Transportation.