Every attorney of Williams Kastner takes the same practical, cost-conscious approach to managing complex litigation. We move to quickly determine which cases involve potential significant exposure to our clients’ products and focus our defense efforts on those cases. In this manner, we can often effectively leverage our preparation into a favorable, early settlement with plaintiffs’ attorneys who are motivated to eliminate our well-prepared attorneys who can undermine their entire case against all defendants. Where cases do not appear to involve potential significant exposure to our clients’ products, we regularly seek and often obtain early dismissals. When dismissals or minimal settlements are not provided, we pursue summary judgment. When cases do go to trial, our attorneys are well known for their preparation, tenacity and creativity.

Williams Kastner has a number of Members, Associates and Paralegals with significant experience in complex litigation. We are experienced with receiving large transfer files, as our firm has, on many occasions, been retained shortly before trial.

Williams Kastner represents both insured and uninsured defendants in mass tort litigation. We act as local counsel for dozens of defendants in Washington and Oregon. Williams Kastner also serves as National Coordinating Counsel for several defendants. In addition to coordinating the national defense strategy for these defendants, Williams Kastner provides National Trial Counsel services throughout the United States.

As National Coordinating Counsel for several defendants in mass tort litigation, we understand that high performance teamwork requires strong collaboration at all levels of the defense. As National Coordinating Counsel, Williams Kastner has identified strengths of various local firms and utilized those strengths for the benefit of the nationwide litigation. Use of regional trial counsel is a good example of the collaboration. As local counsel, we have taken on significant projects for clients that will be used throughout the country. For instance, Williams Kastner has been tapped by its clients to develop nation-wide defense strategies.

In terms of networks, Williams Kastner works closely with local counsel for various defendants throughout the United States to assist with discovery and case strategy. Williams Kastner also relies on its leadership and strong participation within national legal associations as a network for referrals and assistance. Many individuals of our litigation team are current members of or have held leadership positions with the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC).

In our role as national counsel, we have designed and developed next generation case reporting, case management and trends analysis secured extranets as well as e-document management systems. We are able to run reports identifying comparable factors for purposes of assessing settlement; factors include: plaintiffs’ counsel, disease, jurisdiction, age, and many others.

We have multiple electronic reference libraries/databases to support our clients’ needs. These databases include, but are not limited to, experts, pleadings/motions, corporate documents, key litigation witnesses, science & medicine treatises, co-defendant info and brief banks. In addition, we utilize a number of technologies for client, expert and local counsel meetings.