Williams Kastner’s collection services team is integral to the firm’s ability to provide effective legal assistance in response to our clients’ needs.

Prior to commencing a collection lawsuit, our lawyers explore various available prejudgment remedies including the assessment of assets to determine the liens and encumbrances that would affect the satisfaction of a judgment. This process increases the likelihood of a successful collection to the matter. Prejudgment remedies include attachment liens on real property, the garnishment of accounts and sheriff-assisted seizure of both personal and business assets. We have assisted the sheriff in the seizure of a variety of assets including inventories, equipment, airplanes, automobiles, wine collections, and stamp / coin collections.

After exhausting standard collection procedures, we frequently represent clients in the courts in pursuit of uncollected debts. Our attorneys conduct necessary research using on-line resources to identify and locate debtors’ assets. We then advise our clients on the practicality of pressing for judgment and the probability of successful debt collection. We have significant experience in identifying, restraining, attaching, garnishing and executing upon assets.

The experience, skill and resourceful dedication of our collection services team provide an invaluable service for our clients.