Our attorneys recognize that litigation does not always serve the best interests of our clients—the process can be expensive, drawn out, and unpredictable. In certain situations, our clients can be best served by resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), whether through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Recognizing many clients may want to avoid the uncertainties and expense of a jury trial, we are well prepared to provide skillful and fair mediation and arbitration services that effective and confidential. Our attorneys bring their specific practice experience to particularly sensitive, complex, and contentious disputes in areas of contractual disputes, employment law, discrimination claims, construction, real estate, professional negligence, personal injury and wrongful death actions.

In addition, several of our attorneys are trained neutrals who are often requested to serve in a wide variety of business and individual disputes. The combination of their legal experience and trained mediation skills allows them to facilitate negotiations and guide parties towards a resolution. Our attorneys help identify the factual and legal issues that divide parties and recommend thoughtful and productive solutions based on the unique facts and legal aspects of each case.