Together We Stand

Many of us have undoubtedly been impacted by the tragic and senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and also from the ensuing demonstrations over the past week that have captured the conscience of our nation.  As members of the greater Seattle, Portland and Northwest communities as well as the legal community, we not only grieve what happened to Mr. Floyd, Mr. Arbery, and Ms. Taylor and all others who have died in similar circumstances, but also others who have been denied the civil rights promised, not only by this Country’s Declaration of Independence but also by the U.S. Constitution.

Our firm has a long-standing commitment to diversity and equality and we strive to maintain a culture of respect and inclusiveness.  We believe that everyone is entitled to equal justice.  At Williams Kastner we are committed to being part of the change. Led by our Diversity Committee and with the support of our Board of Directors, we will be reassessing our charitable endeavors going forward to ensure we are supporting organizations that promote the core values of racial equality, education and social justice. Internally, WK is dedicated to increased activities to facilitate discussions about diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

Together, we stand in unity and solidarity with the Floyd, Arbery, and Taylor families, the Black community and the thousands of citizens who have taken action in demanding their voices be heard in the fight against racism, injustice and violence.

Williams Kastner