Williams Kastner Hosted Event

Labor & Employment and Insurance Coverage Webinar: Best Practices to Return to Work During COVID-19

Thursday, May 7th
11:00 am
 – 12:15 pm

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Join our Seattle partners, Sheryl Willert, and Jeff Wells from our Labor & Employment group along with Insurance group partner Eliot Harris in a webinar discussion on the challenges to employers and insurers as businesses return to work in the coming weeks and months.

We will highlight practical steps and best practices for businesses to consider in managing risk, and discuss how implementing precautionary measures can impact insurance coverage for potential claims. Discussion topics will include the following:

Keeping Employers and Employees Safe

  • Transitioning Employees Back to the Workplace
  • Employees Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Client and Customer Safety Measures
  • Insurance Coverage for Potential Employee and Liability Claims

We look forward to having you join us for this informative webinar.