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MDL Defense

We currently serve as MDL Co-Defense Liaison Counsel for multidistrict litigation (MDL) No. 1407, in which over 5,000 plaintiffs have claimed personal injuries, primarily strokes, from taking over-the-counter and prescription cough and cold medications and appetite suppressants containing phenylpropanolamine (PPA).

As MDL Defense Liaison Counsel, we coordinate hundreds of attorneys across the country. Our responsibilities include: coordinating the service and distribution of plaintiff facts sheets for all cases docketed in MDL 1407, acting as liaison between the MDL court and parties, coordinating with defendants and plaintiffs regarding pre-trial discovery matters, preparing case management and pre-trial orders, and filing briefing on behalf of all defendant manufacturers. In our role as MDL Defense Liaison Counsel, we use technology and teamwork for effective and cost-efficient handling of complex MDL litigation. Our responsibilities as MDL Defense Liaison Counsel have broadened the depth of experience of our entire team as members, associates, and paralegals have worked with the Court and counsel to build efficiencies into case administration.

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