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Civil Rights

Williams Kastner represents clients in many high-profile matters involving discrimination and civil rights. We have extensive experience representing clients in cases involving the civil rights of people with all types of disabilities and in matters arising from gender, age and race discrimination. We have also defended clients in class action and individual cases.

Our lawyers represent numerous municipalities and school districts. They understand all the elements of civil rights claims and are familiar with the procedural and evidentiary demands of civil rights cases.

With one of the leading litigation practices in the Pacific Northwest, our team of seasoned litigators knows how to navigate a courtroom and, more importantly, how to avoid taking the steps or actions which may lead there.

We have represented clients in matters related to:

  • Claims against law enforcement agencies and officers, such as police brutality, excessive force, or false arrest
  • Eminent domain or condemnation cases involving Fifth Amendment protection against public taking of property without just compensation
  • Claims against school districts and municipalities
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