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“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Fall 2017) by Eliot M. Harris, Naazaneen Hodjat and Reshvin Sidhu

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Summer 2017) by Eliot M. Harris, Naazaneen Hodjat and Reshvin Sidhu

Williams Kastner Surety Law Update (Summer 2017) by Paul Friedrich and William Hansen

Beg, borrow and build,” by Markos Scheer (National Fisherman, June 2017)

Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter(Spring 2017) by Eliot M. HarrisMeredith Dishaw, and Naazaneen Hodjat

Mariculture Poised to Come of Age in Alaska,” by Markos Scheer (KCAW, April 2017)

“Williams Kastner Surety Law Update” (Spring 2017) by Meredith Dishaw and Paul Friedrich

The Devil is in the Details,” by Eliot Harris, William Hansen, and Margaret Duncan (USLAW, Spring/Summer 2017).

Regulatory Hurdles and Safety Considerations Remaining for Autonomous Trucks,” by Blair Fassburg (DRI In Transit Newsletter, March 2017)

The Next Boom in Alaska,” (Summer 2016) by Markos Scheer.

Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter(Winter 2017) by Eliot M. HarrisNaazaneen Hodjat, Reshvin Sidhu, and William Hansen.

Are You Appointed Trustee Over A Revocable Trust? How to answer the question – What about the Will,” by Abby Wool Landon

The Responsibility of Corporate America Post 2016 Presidential Elections,” by Sheryl Willert

“Williams Kastner Surety Law Update” (Winter 2017) by Jeff Yusen, Sarah Stephens Visbeek, Shawn Rediger and Paul Friedrich

How the 2016 Election Results Might Impact Your Estate, Tax And Disability Planning,” by Abby Wool Landon (Fall 2016) 

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Fall 2016) by Eliot M. HarrisMargaret Duncan and Meredith Dishaw

Defending Nighttime Trucking Accidents” by Blair Fassburg (The Voice of DRI, October 26, 2016)

Williams Kastner Surety Law Update” (Summer 2016) by Shawn Rediger, Jeff Yusen and Paul K. Friedrich

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Summer 2016) by Eliot M. HarrisMargaret Duncan and Thomas Ped

Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Spring 2017) by Eliot M. HarrisMeredith Dishaw, and Naazaneen Hodjat

Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter(Winter 2017) by Eliot M. HarrisNaazaneen Hodjat, Reshvin Sidhu, and William Hansen

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Fall 2016) by Eliot M. Harris, Margaret Duncan and Meredith Dishaw

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Summer 2016) by Eliot M. Harris, Margaret Duncan and Thomas Ped

“Northwest Insurance Law Quarterly Newsletter” (Spring 2016) by Eliot M. Harris



Washington Supreme Court Rules on Public Employee Use of Personal Devices

Joint Employer Decision Could Have Major Implications

Title VII and Gender Identity Discrimination

“Construction Requirements for Medical Marijuana Facilities,” By Thomas Ped (OSB Construction Law Newsletter, Issue 49, November 2014)

“Alphabet Soup—A Few Things You Need to Know: Developments in Federal Laws That May Have Applicability to Public Sector Employees” by Sheryl Willert (In-House Defense Quarterly, Summer 2014)

“The End of Psychiatric Boarding in Washington: Now What?” by Eric Neiman, Elizabeth Lee McAmis and Michelle “Shelly” Garzon (Washington State Psychological Association, August 26, 2014)

Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Practice of “Psychiatric Boarding”

Supreme Court Upholds Invalidation of Obama Recess Appointments to the NLRB

What You Need to Know About Seattle’s new $15/hour Minimum Wage Law

“The Duty to Defend: When Does it End?” by Tom Ped and David Artman (USLAW Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014)

Your Lawyers at Williams Kastner are Thinking about Tax in Q1 2014

Think the New Portland Sick Leave Law Doesn’t Apply to Your Company? Think Again.

‘Tis the Season—Beware of Scam Involving Labor Posters!

Federal Court Deals a Setback for the National Labor Relations Board

“Serb Leader is Tried by an International Tribunal,” by Randy Aliment (ABA Journal, November 2013)

NLRB Thrown for Another Loop

“Retaliation Unleashed! The Ever-Expanding Retaliation Claim,” featuring Jessie Harris (April 2013)

Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision to Impact Washington Employers

Social Media Privacy Law in Washington State

“How Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice May Affect Multinational Business,” featuring George Wang (USLAW Magazine, Spring/Summer 2013)

Jury Awards More Than $500,000 Against A Spokane Golf Club

NLRB Rocked by Decision of D.C. Circuit

Tax Planning in 2013 for Individuals and Small Business Owners

2012 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations

AGC Protests Change to Fringe Calculation on Public Projects,” featuring Judd Lees (AGC News, October 2012) 

“Navigating a New Course: Why the Deepwater Horizon Ecologic Disaster Should Spur Clean Energy Progress,” by David Campbell and Jim Robenalt (USLAW Magazine, Fall/Winter 2012)

Get Ready! Paid Sick/Safe Leave for Seattle Workers Coming on September 1!

Washington Supreme Court Issues Sweeping Foreclosure Opinion

Earnest Money – What Everyone Ought to Know (Article by Mark Schedler)

Selling Your Business – Retain Your Ability to Regain Control Until You’re Fully Paid (Article by Mark Schedler)

Due Diligence: What Does That Mean in Real Estate Deals? (Article by Mark Schedler)

Underwater Condos – They Have Their Own Considerations Before Deciding on a Short Sale or Other Option (Article by Mark Schedler)

Co-ownership of Real property: Your Co-owner’s Fortunes Can Affect Your Own (Article by Mark Schedler)

“As Hospitals Trend Toward Employee Physicians, What Are the Employment Law Consequences,” by Sharon Peters and Jo Vestal (Washington Healthcare News, June 2012)

“Why Dangerous Greenhouse Gases May Be Incapable Of Regulation,” by David Campbell and James Robenalt (Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, April 2012)

Literature Refuting Single-Fiber Theory and Zero-No-Threshold/Linear-Dose Model (Article by Bob Manlowe and Dave Shaw)

2012, a Year for Considering (Article by Abby Wool Landon and Karen Hobson)

2012, Changes in Oregon Law that Affect You (Article by Abby Wool Landon and Karen Hobson)

OCR Audits of Covered Entities for HIPAA Compliance to Begin November 2011

“Double Trouble – Disruptive Physicians and Hostile Work Environments,” by Kim Baker and Mary Spillane (Washington Healthcare News, October 2011)

Oregon Court of Appeals Rules Non-Economic Damages Capped at $500,000 in Birth Injury Cases

“Proposed NLRA Regulations Have Employer Bar Up in Arms,” by Judd Lees (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, September 2011)

NLRB Issues New Final Rule on Notice

Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization And Job Creation Act Of 2010

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

New I-9 Form: Expired Documents No Longer Valid

Employer Captive Audience Speeches Under Fire

COBRA Changes Effective Immediately: Major New Employer Obligations And Employee Rights

American Recovery And Reinvestment Act (ARRA) And Whistleblower Protections

Employee Free Choice Act Hits The Floor

Supreme Court Rules Against Plaintiff In Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Recess NLRB Appointments Spell Trouble For Employers

Newly Constituted Board Holds That Bannering Is Speech

Vulgar Facebook Posting May Constitute Protected Concerted Activity

H-1b Cap Of 65,000 Reached For Fiscal Year 2011, But Options May Remain To Hire Foreign Workers

High Court Extends Retaliation Protection To Employee’s Family Members

Supreme Court Ruling Jeopardizes Indian Fee-To-Trust Land Acquisitions

Ninth Circuit Rules Fair Labor Standards Act Applies To Tribes

Holding Big Insurance Captive

Federal Courts Rule On The Viability Of Climate Change Litigation

EPA Mandates Reporting Of Greenhouse Gases

“Nonsolicitation agreements often replace noncompetes,” by Sharon Peters (Portland Business Journal, July 8, 2011)

“Retaliation Claims and Potential Claimants May Increase Litigation in the Medical Field,” by Darren Feider (Washington Healthcare News, June 2011)

“Employment Law Update–The Year in Review,” by Sheryl Willert and Josephine Vestal (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, May 2011)

“An Inconvenient Forum – Reining In E-Discovery In The United States,” by Robert Manlowe and Andrija Samardzich (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, February 2011)

“The Pacific Northwest: And A Law Firm Close to China,” by Randy Aliment (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, December 2010)

“Doing Business in Washington State Debuts in China,” by Randy Aliment (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, December 2010)

How Texting Patient Information Can Increase Risk,” by Kimberly D. Baker (Washington Healthcare News, November 2010)

Mortgage Loan Officers: Are You Paying Them Correctly?,” by Sheryl J. Willert (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, September 2010)

Health Care Reform’s Big Impact on HR,” by Judd Lees and KoKo Huang (Washington Healthcare News, June 2010)

Statute of Limitations Skewers Ex-Employee’s Claims (Spring 2010)

The Defense Lawyer’s Tool Kit for Working with Medical Experts,” by Jessie Harris (The Practical Litigator, March 2010)

Punitive Damages Against Physicians in the Healthcare Reform Era,” by Eric Neiman and David Ryan (AAOS Now, February 2010)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in International Business Transactions,” by Randy Aliment (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, October 2009)

The Benefits of a Coordinated and Focused Pro Bono Program,” by Dana Ferestien (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, August 2009)

The Seven ‘W’s’ of the Employee Termination Meeting,” by Darren Feider (Washington Healthcare News, June 2009)

The Seven ‘W’s’ of the Employee Termination Meeting,” by Darren Feider (Washington Healthcare News, June 2009)

Holding Big Insurance Captive,” by James Robenalt (Indian Country Today, May 11, 2009)

Obama Administration Changes Employment Rules of the Game,” by Sheryl Willert, Josephine Vestal, Judd Lees and Darren Feider (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, April 2009)

Employer Beware: 2009 to Bring Significant Employment Law Changes,” by Josephine Vestal (Washington Healthcare News, February 2009)