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04/06/16 – Penalties and the Public Records Act #Labor & Employment Law

08/31/15 – Washington Supreme Court Rules on Public Employee Use of Personal Devices #Labor & Employment Law

08/28/15 – Joint Employer Decision Could Have Major Implications #Labor & Employment Law

03/02/15 – NLRB Sets Aside Employer Confidentiality Rule #Labor & Employment Law

02/18/15 – Liars Never Prosper: Loss of Unemployment Benefits #Labor & Employment Law

02/09/15 – Behavioral Health Issues in Washington: Ten People to Watch in 2015 #Health Care Law

01/28/15 – Washington’s “Jail Delay” Case — Is The State Ready To Lose? #Health Care Law

12/23/14 – The Washington Supreme Court’s Boarding Ban, and What Comes Next #Health Care Law

12/23/14 – Title VII and Gender Identity Discrimination #Labor & Employment Law

12/15/14 – Supreme Court Unanimously Blesses Amazon’s Security Wait as Nonwork Time #Labor & Employment Law

12/12/14 – NLRB Reverses Course on Union Supporter Access to Company Email Systems #Labor & Employment Law

12/08/14 – You Can’t Take it With You: Unvested Bonuses in Employer-Related Entities #Labor & Employment Law

12/04/14 – More Liability, Part 2: Will Oregon & Idaho Follow Washington? #Health Care Law

12/02/14 – More Liability for Washington Mental Health Providers #Health Care Law

10/06/14 – Potential for Personal Liability Due to Unpaid Wages Reinforced by Supreme Court #Labor & Employment Law

08/13/14 – Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Practice of “Psychiatric Boarding” #Health Care Law

08/07/14 – Union Leafleting — What’s Sauce for the Goose… #Labor & Employment Law

07/03/14 – Supreme Court Upholds Invalidation of Obama Recess Appointments to the NLRB #Labor & Employment Law

06/30/14 – What You Need to Know About Seattle’s new $15/hour Minimum Wage Law #Labor & Employment Law

02/26/14 – Your Lawyers at Williams Kastner are Thinking about Tax in Q1 2014. #Tax Law

01/07/14 – Think the New Portland Sick Leave Law Doesn’t Apply to Your Company? Think Again. #Labor & Employment Law

12/13/13 –  ‘Tis the Season—Beware of Scam Involving Labor Posters! #Labor & Employment Law

12/09/13 – Federal Court Deals a Setback for the National Labor Relations Board #Labor & Employment Law

08/26/13 – NLRB Thrown for Another Loop #Labor & Employment Law

07/02/13 – Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision to Impact Washington Employers #Labor & Employment Law

05/24/13 – Social Media Privacy Law in Washington State #Labor & Employment Law

04/30/13 – Facebook Termination Deemed Unlawful Under NLRA #Labor & Employment Law

03/25/13 – Jury Awards More Than $500,000 Against A Spokane Golf Club #Labor & Employment Law

01/29/13 – NLRB Rocked by Decision of D.C. Circuit #Labor & Employment Law

01/16/13 – Tax Planning in 2013 for Individuals and Small Business Owners #Tax Law

11/29/12 – 2012 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations #Tax Law

08/22/12 – Get Ready! Paid Sick/Safe Leave for Seattle Workers Coming on September 1! #Labor & Employment Law

06/20/12 – The NLRB Gets Busy #Labor & Employment Law

02/03/12 – National Labor Relations Board Issues Guidelines for Social Media Policies #Labor & Employment Law

11/22/11 – Contractors Will Not be Punished for Using a Sample Form in the Mechanics’ Lien Statute: Common Sense Prevails #Construction Law

11/16/11 – OCR Audits of Covered Entities for HIPAA Compliance to Begin November, 2011 #Health Care Law

09/26/11 – Oregon Court of Appeals Rules Non-Economic Damages Capped at $500,000 in Birth Injury Cases #Health Care Law

08/31/11 – NLRB Issues New Final Rule on Notice #Labor & Employment Law

02/10/11 – High Court Extends Retaliation Protection To Employee’s Family Members #Labor & Employment Law

02/01/11 – H-1B Cap of 65,000 Reached for Fiscal Year 2011, But Options May Remain to Hire Foreign Workers #Labor & Employment Law

02/01/11 – 2011 Tax Law Alert: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 #Labor & Employment Law

11/12/10 – Vulgar Facebook Posting May Constitute Protected Concerted Activity #Labor & Employment Law

09/08/10 – Newly Constituted Board Holds that Bannering is “Speech” #Labor & Employment Law

03/29/10 – Recess NLRB Appointments Spell Trouble for Employers #Labor & Employment Law

12/11/09 – What Tribes Need to Know About the Quick-Moving Cobell Settlement #Indian Law

11/17/09 – EPA Mandates Reporting of Greenhouse Gases #Environmental Law

11/10/09 – Federal Courts Rule on the Viability of Climate Change Litigation #Environmental Law

11/02/09 – FCC Considers Net Neutrality Rules: Tribes Cannot Afford to Remain Neutral #Indian Law

09/22/09 – Williams Kastner’s Tribal Practice Group Now Representing Rezhog Records! #Indian Law

09/08/09 – OMB to Expose to the World the Financials of Tribes Receiving Recovery Act Funds #Indian Law

06/23/09 – Congratulations to the 2009 8th Grade Graduating Class of Wa He Lut #Indian Law

05/19/09 – Supreme Court Rules Against Plaintiff in Pregnancy Discrimination Case  #Labor & Employment Law

05/18/09 – Remember USERRA Compliance #Labor & Employment Law

05/13/09 – Holding Big Insurance Captive #Indian Law

04/21/09 – Ninth Circuit Rules Fair Labor Standards Act Applies to Tribes #Indian Law

03/12/09 – Employee Free Choice Act Hits the Floor #Labor & Employment Law

03/09/09 – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and Whistleblower Protections #Labor & Employment Law

02/27/09 – Supreme Court Ruling Jeopardizes Indian Fee-to-Trust Land Acquisitions #Indian Law

02/25/09 – COBRA Changes Effective Immediately: Major New Employer Obligations and Employee Rights #Labor & Employment Law

02/05/09 – Employer Captive Audience Speeches Under Fire #Labor & Employment Law

01/30/09 – New I-9 Form: Expired Documents No Longer Valid #Labor & Employment Law

01/29/09 – Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act #Labor & Employment Law

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NLRB Reverses Course on Union Supporter Access to Company E-Mail Systems